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Link2Morocco is a sourcing agency based in Morocco that deals with a variety of products to meet the demand of its International buyers

Based on your needs and once we select for you a supplier, we will take care of ordering, communications, packaging, product inspections, delivery management/consolidation, pricing negotiations, warranty claims, freight quotes and finally arranging your shipments. You can consider us as your branch office in Morocco.

We are your partner of choice for all you procurement activities in Morocco. Our primary objective is to develop long-term and win win business relationship based on trust and transparency.

About us


We are a sourcing company based in Casablanca, Morocco. Founded 2013, we support our international customers in the procurement of their goods and services from Morocco. With a deep knowledge of the Moroccan business environment and a wide spread network, our focus is to always meet our client's requirements by offering competitive prices of desired products while ensuring all quality aspects.

The company is founded by a procurement professional who have worked in procurement management positions with Industrial multinational companies in major projects, dealing with a variety of equipments, products and services.

Why us?

Working with us will ensure you minimizing all procurement risks from buying products from Morocco. We source and select our suppliers based on a strict qualification process, and we conduct on the ground follow up to ensure you get quality products, on time and at the right prices.

We will facilitate for you doing the business as we will be your bridge to the local culture, which will consequentl save you time and money

why us

Our Services

Supplier identification and selection

Based on your expressed needs, we screen the market to shortlist suppliers capable to meet the requirement in terms of supplying your desired product, quality, deadlines and targeted pricing.

Quality Assurance

Our quality inspection service includes during production inspection; pre-shipment inspection and container loading supervision.

Production inspection: we control and check product appearance, workmanship quality, size measurements, functionality assortment, labeling & logos, packaging, packing as well as any other needed tests as per the product type and the market destination. If also required by the client, we can undertake third party quality inspection with major inspection agencies.

Pre-shipment inspection: we perform it to check the conformity of the shipments (quantity, size, packing, labels…) against the purchase order specifications.

Commercial negotiations

We work as our client’s branch office on their behalf. Being a local firm, we are able to negotiate highly competitive prices from suppliers. Our purchasing power and volumes also work for you as we approach suppliers with combined quantities form different clients, and consequently use this larger volume to negotiate the best prices and conditions.

Logistics and Transport

We can manage door-to-door transportation from the supplier to your warehouse, as per below details :

  • Define a transportation concept and price study comparison according to your order
  • Management of transport documents (commercial invoices, Bill of Lading, Packing list)
  • Transport monitoring and follow-up.

Contact us

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Contact Info

  • Adresse, Casablanca 20000 - Morocco
  • Phone : +212 6 69 35 48 13
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